Fill the gaps with eyebrow transplantation.
Operation Time
5-7 Hours
Local Anesthesia
Healing Period
8-9 Months
Return to Work
0-1 Days

Eyebrow Transplantation: Achieve the Perfect Eyebrows You’ve Always Dreamed of

Eyebrows form an important part of your face, framing your eyes and enhancing your overall appearance. Unfortunately, not everyone has naturally thick and beautiful eyebrows. If you are tired of filling in your eyebrows every day or want to regain your eyebrows due to hair loss, you may consider eyebrow transplantation.

What is Eyebrow Transplantation? Eyebrow transplantation is a cosmetic procedure that involves transplanting hair follicles taken from one area of your body (usually the back of the head) to the eyebrow area. This procedure can help restore sparse or sparse brows, create a more defined brow shape, and add fullness to completely bald brows.

How is Eyebrow Transplantation Performed? Eyebrow transplantation is a minimally invasive procedure that takes a few hours under local anesthesia. Here are the general steps of the procedure:

Donor Hair Extraction: Hair follicles are removed from the donor area (usually the back of the head) using a special micro-punch tool.

Hair Graft Preparation: The extracted hair follicles are prepared for transplantation by separating them into individual hair grafts.

Eyebrow Area Preparation: The recipient area (eyebrow area) is prepared by making tiny cuts or slits where the hair grafts will be placed.

Hair Graft Insertion: Individual hair grafts are carefully inserted into the prepared recipient area, following the natural growth direction and angle of the eyebrows.

Post-Transplant Care: After the procedure, you will receive specific instructions on how to care for your newly transplanted eyebrows. These instructions may include avoiding strenuous activities, keeping the area clean, and regular use of prescription medications.

Advantages of Eyebrow Transplantation Eyebrow transplantation has many advantages, among them:

Natural looking and life-long results
Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
Reduction in time and effort spent on daily eyebrow care
Minimum recovery time and short recovery period
High success rate in a safe and effective procedure

In conclusion, if you are not satisfied with the current condition of your eyebrows and want to achieve a fuller, more defined appearance, eyebrow transplantation may be a suitable solution for you. You can restore your eyebrows and enhance your natural beauty with this minimally invasive and safe procedure. You can contact an experienced hair transplant surgeon to get more information about eyebrow transplantation and determine whether this procedure is right for you.

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    Here's what you're curious about.

    Anyone who experiences thinning or balding of their eyebrows and wants to change the shape or thickness of their eyebrows may be a good candidate for eyebrow transplantation. It is best to consult a hair transplant surgeon to determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure.

    The procedure usually takes several hours, depending on the extent of the transplant and the number of grafts required.

    Since the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, you should not feel any pain during transplantation. However, you may feel some discomfort and swelling in the days following the procedure.

    Healing time is usually about a week, and during this time you may experience some swelling, crusting, and redness in the eyebrow area. You will need to avoid strenuous activities and follow the post-transplant care instructions given by your surgeon.

    You should see first results within a few weeks after the procedure, but full results may take up to a year to appear.

    Yes, the results of eyebrow transplantation are permanent since the transplanted hair follicles are taken from the donor area where the hair growth is permanent.

    As with every surgical procedure, eyebrow transplantation has risks such as infection, bleeding, scarring and the possibility of graft rejection. However, these risks are rare if the procedure is performed by a qualified and experienced hair transplant surgeon.

    The cost of eyebrow transplantation varies depending on the extent of the transplantation and the number of grafts required. It is best to consult a hair transplant surgeon to get a personalized cost estimate for your procedure.

    Yes, eyebrow transplantation is a procedure suitable for both men and women who want to restore or enhance the appearance of their eyebrows.

    You should avoid applying make-up to the eyebrow area for at least a week after the procedure and follow your surgeon’s post-transplant care instructions. After the initial recovery period, you can continue wearing makeup as usual.

    Note: The information provided here is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. It is important to consult a qualified healthcare professional for personalized guidance regarding Eyebrow Transplantation and your specific situation.